"There are snowflakes on my tongue I wanna melt on your inner thigh."

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GIRL?! Are you livin???

Nah, girl I quit this website.

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You're honestly such a bad friend. Get your head out of your ass! Your girlfriend isn't fucking everything. You've got to get your life straight brah..


Little did you know, well fuck you only contacts me on this site. Fucking faggot ass bitch

What I don’t understand is what the fuck I ever did. Seriously why must grown people belittle themselves and act like teenagers.. Oh well other than one that really still is a teenager. But get the fuck out of my life and Jin’s we never did anything to deserve this shit. Sorry we’re in love. Sorry you dislike me for absolutely no reason. So much that you can’t even spend one night with me or respect your “best friend” enough to get to know me. Sorry I actually care about her more than you so she spends her time with someone who isn’t constantly bitching, whining and acting like a fucking child. Enough is enough I never wanted to acknowledge this stupid bullshit drama. And I am stooping to your level by doing so but I can’t stand back and act like this nonsense isn’t affecting my life. It’s absolutely amazing to me that someone who should be more mature than me acts the way you do, it just blows my mind. Grow up, If people are constantly leaving you, you feel like everyone is telling you the same thing and your friends can’t stand to be around you and your new friends are all fresh outta high school, then there is something wrong with you and your life. So fix it. Don’t drag people down with you for fuck sakes. 

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—Stupid fucking whore
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hey you beautiful person, long time no see!?? Hope you are doing fine and you have a splendid summer :)

Thank you, kindly! I’m unsure if I’ll be going on here again yet but it’s nice to see someone cares lol. <3

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My wife and I at our wedding.

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Venessa Marco - "Patriarchy" (Button Poetry)

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Taking a hiatus from this place…

So sick of Tumblr.

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give me love , take it all away

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Liam Hart